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A Must Have!!!
from on 1/7/2015
This product is something we can't live without! I use it every morning when styling my girls hair. It gets out any tangles that developed while they slept and keeps their hair looking nice and healthy. I absolutely love this product!
from on 5/31/2014
Having 3 daughters with 3 various hair textures. It's been difficult to find a product that suites all 4 of our hair care needs. This Leave-in has worked wonders for all of us. My 2 year old has fine hair so not much product is needed outside of a detangler. AB's Leave-in does just that and gives her curls crazy definition. I can't afford for us to have standing hair appointments, but with Authentically Branded products, we look like we do!! Great Product!
from on 5/31/2014
After washing my hair, it's always been difficult to get a comb thru it, but after using this, the comb literally manages right thru my tangles! I even use it daily when I need to throw my hair up in a ponytail for quick purposes!! It leaves my hair smooth and silky throughout the day too, . . . It's an absolute must have for me from now on!!!
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